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St Catherine of Siena

P. Claudio Borg O.P. P. Claudio Borg O.P. Follow May 09, 2019 · 1 min read
St Catherine of Siena
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A Time to Endure
Nothing great is ever achieved without much enduring

This quote by Catherine of Siena makes me think of my former student, “Devin,” who has special needs. He does not verbally speak other than when asked to read aloud. He does, however, communicate through body language. Devin has the biggest smile a child could wear. His eyes twinkle. He exudes joy. He is quiet. He is respectful. He keeps his hands by his sides and nods his head yes and no when asked questions. When he needs a hug, he backs up into you and snuggles his head down to his chest

Devin is an excellent reader. He reads for hours with his grandmother; his tutor; and me, his teacher. But even with all of this one-on-one attention, Devin would not be the student he is without his individual endurance. He is a hard worker. He is determined. He is persistent.

When I’m having a tough day, when a lesson plan I spent hours prepping flops, when I’m tired, when a parent-teacher conference does not go well, I think of Devin. I am inspired to endure the way he endures. He reminds me that “nothing great is ever achieved without much enduring.”

In your reflection today, ask yourself: What have I witnessed a student achieve through endurance? What have I achieved through endurance? And where must I continue to endure, as Catherine did, in order to achieve?
May God help us endure today - for our students, our coworkers, ourselves, and Him.

Elizabeth Stowe Fennell
Resurrection Catholic Elementary School
Pascagoula, Mississippi

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P. Claudio Borg O.P.
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