Historical Landmarks

The Dominicans came to Malta from Sicily about the middle of the 15th Century, and settled in Rabat.

2017 The Province marks the end of the celebrations of the Jubilee of the Order with a Solemn ceremony presided by H.G. the Archbishop of Malta Mgr. Charles Jude Scicluna and several other bishops.
2015 The Province celebrates the inauguration of the Year of Jubilee of the Order.
2013 The Province celebrates its 175th Anniversary since its establishment.
2009 Between the 15th and 18th April, the Province hosts the annual Meeting of European Provincials (IEOP). This was attended by 41 participants, including 5 Socii of the Master of the Order. The theme chosen was: St Dominic Preacher of Grace: the Mission of Preaching today.
2006 The Province is graced by the appointment of two of its members to the Episcopal Order: Br. George Frendo as Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Tirana – Durres (consecrated on the 23rd of September 2006 in the Cathedral of St. Paul the Apostle, Tirana) and Fr. Paul Cremona as Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Malta (consecrated on the 26th January 2007 at St. John’s Co-Cathedral, Valletta).
2000 The brothers in Albania built a new house in Durres where they moved from Sukth.
1998 On January 14th the Vicariate of St. Martin de Porres is incorporated in the newly created Province of Bartholomew de las Casas in Brazil.
1996 The Maltese Dominicans started a house is Sukth, Alhania.
1977 Fr. Walter M. Ebejer is consecrated Bishop of Uniao da Victoria, Parana Brazil on the 6th of March.
1973 A new parish was erected at Sliema and entrusted to the Dominican Fathers of the Church of Jesus of Nazareth.
1968 A new parish was erected at Gwardamanga to be run by the Dominican Fathers of the Church of our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima.
1961 The Maltese Dominicans started a mission in Brazil dedicated to St. Martin de Porres.
1960 The house at Sliema and the house at Gwardamanga were both canonically erected as priories.
1949 Another house was started at Gwardamanga, dedicated to our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima.
1909 A house was started at Sliema, dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth.
1838 The Maltese Province of St. Pius V was canonically erected.
1816 The three priories of the Dominican Order in Malta were recognized as the Congregation of Saint Pius V.
1612 The house of Porto Salvo, in Valletta, was canonically erected as a priory.
1609 The Novitiate was canonically erected at the Priory of Our Lady of the Grotto, Rabat.
1571 By papal Bull of Pius V, the church of Porto Salvo was raised to the status of Parish Church for all the people of Valletta.
1539 Dominicans from Vittorioisa started a house in the new city of Valletta, with the official title of St. Mary of Porto Salvo.
1536 The House at Vittoriosa was canonically erected as a priory.
1528 Dominicans from Rabat started a house at Vittoriosa dedicated to the Annunciation.
1437 The first house of the Order of Preachers in Malta, dedicated to Our Lady of the Grotto, declared a formal priory by the General Chapter of the Order held at Basle.