Officials of the Province

Prior Provincial

Br. Francis Micallef
A. Mus. L.C.M., L.Mus. L.C.M., A. Mus. T.C.L., L. Mus. T.C.L.
Prior of Our Lady of the Grotto,
St Dominic’s Square, Rabat
RBT 2521, Malta
P: 21454087, 21454592
F: 21450503
[email protected]

Socius of the Pronvicial

Br. Vincent Mary Micallef
Ph. Lic., M.A. (Sciences of Religion)
Priory of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima 49,
St. Monica Street,
Gwardamanga, Malta
P: 21233620, 21230194
F: 21255752
M: 99164749
[email protected]

Members of the Provincial Council

Br. Claudio Borg
Br. Michael Camilleri
Br. Christoper Caruan
Br. Ivan Attard
Br. Vincent Micallef
Br. Raymond Gatt
Br. Claudio Borg Bursar
Br. Joseph Agius Regent of Studies
Br. Claudio Borg Secretary

Master of Students and Novices, Director of Prenovices

Br. Joseph Bonnici

Provincial Promoters and Directors

Br. Paul Gatt Archivist
Br. Christoper Caruan On-going Formation
Br. Charles Tabone Preaching
Br. Joseph Bonnici Director of Dominican Family
Br. Joseph Bonnici Director of Dominican Laity
Br. Claudio Borg Asst. Director of Dominican Family
Br. Claudio Borg Asst. Director of Dominican Laity
Br. Frans Micallef Director of Dominican Communications
Br. Reno Muscat Asst. Director of Dom. Communication
Br. Joseph Ellul Inter-Religious Dialogue
Br. Tonio Mallia Milanes Holy Name Society
Br. Frank Micallef Kerygma
Br. Frank Borg Liturgy
Br. Joseph Zahra Vocations & Altar Servers
Br. Geoffrey Bugeja Vocations in Albania
Br. Ivan Attard Justice & Peace
Br. Angelo Mamo Missions
Br. Claudio Borg Youth Apostolate
Br. Joseph Zahra Rosary Devotion
Br. Simon Cachia Coordinator for Lay Brothers
Br. Raymond Gatt Editor of Knisja 2000
Br. Frans Micallef Editor of Xandar il-Kelma
Br. Mark Montebello Editor of Inform OP
Br. Dominic Scerri Editor Direct. of the Province